sporklet 15
Sean Cho Ayres
late elegy

what took so long


always another apple to be split

in two whole milk thickening

to spoil

the tomato soup spelling out

none of this matters

you will die alone

i want to be faithful

as morning hunger

today i’m learning

little violets sprouting

in the kitchen sink

and mold on the basement ceiling

are the same kind

of carelessness

the gas tank emptying

the radio says tomorrow

it’ll rain again

and someone’s child

is waiting to be found

at the bottom of the lake

i’ve been dulled by bad news

repetition and crushed melatonin

it’s windless and all the gulls

are fattening

on the hot sand the tides

are anxious and unsatisfied

the cloud won’t grey

that’s fine i want the surprise

oh these waves are pulling

in every wrong direction

there’s too much sadness

in the water

now there’s too much sand

in the water now



Jakob, I wish you were here.

Birthnames [The spirit lives in between/the parts of a name]
after Kaveh Akbar

it’s been two decades and I’m fine
without mine. At the core of my tasks
is avoidance: white pills, hell and ear
mites. I mean this in the way
that race horses never have to learn
their names only that the leather
whip means faster.


and all I know is this long sprint
to nowhere. I don’t mean
to set my grief free. I’m not asking
you to listen, just say anything.

I’ll believe you.

Sean Cho A. is the author of ÔÇťAmerican Home" (Autumn House 2021) winner of the Autumn House Publishing chapbook contest. His work can be future found or ignored in Pleiades, The Penn Review, The Massachusetts Review, Nashville Review, among others. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of California Irvine and the Associate Editor of THRUSH Poetry Journal. Find him @phlat_soda.