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an archive, a pile of some audio stuff we've done over the years



September 19, 2012: Another story from Colin Winnette's Animal Collection. This is "Elephant", read by Richard Siken, accompanied by a cricket.




September 10, 2012: Colin Winnette's Animal Collection will be released by us on 9/22. Friends came by the studio and recorded some of the stories for us. This first one is "Lion", read by Amelia Gray.



April 8, 2011: James DiGiovanna's "When God Came Back I Became Alone", originally published here November 8, 2009. Steve Krolikowski of Repeater and Fear and the Nervous System. did all the recording. It took us far too long to get this up.



October 6, 2009: This one's "Concrete Jungle, Asphalt Jumble" by Steve Davenport, read by Steve Davenport. Music by Chris Black, whose song, "Sleep" from the album Jericho did nice things in the background. I made my friend Tim Jessup pretend to be me for this one. The story was published here at Spork on August 3, 2009. We were super slow in getting the podcast finished, though Steve provided us with a recording within days of publication of the story. Sometimes that's just how it goes.



June 1, 2009: Podcast featuring "Ç’avait été facile" by Marianne Dissard. We asked Marianne to write something for us, and to write it in French. And to then not tell us what it said. The song in the podcast is "Merci De Rien Du Tout..." from her album L'Entredeux.



May 21, 2009: Podcast featuring "Plants and Animals" by James DiGiovanna. James was kind enough, when I said, “Hey, you should record that…” to do just that. He enlisted the assistance and talent of a couple friends, Genevieve LaForge, who voices one of the characters, and Carey Burtt, who did a little acting in addition to the sound engineering. The bass in the background was composed and performed by James himself. We love James. You can expect to continue to see and hear him around these parts… You can find James at www.spoonbot.com.

"Plants and Animals" by James DiGiovanna (just the story)



May 6, 2009: Podcast featuring "Cube" and "Code of Operation: Snake Farm" by Amelia Gray. The first was recorded in the lobby at Hotel Congress (after a failed attempt on the patio, and another the night before at the Grill), the second was recorded the night before the Casa Libre event, April 29th at Congress, at the Grill, in the Red Room. She's touring her new book, AM/PM, out on Featherproof Books.



April 20, 2009: Podcast featuring "The Man Upstairs" by Jami Attenberg, accompanied by Chris Black. This was an experiment, which worked out quite well. Also features an excerpt of Chris' song "Pass Away" from his album Jericho. You can also watch the interview Jami did with Chris after we finished recording the piece.



April 13, 2009: Podcast featuring "Perspective Shot" by Kelly Hellworth. Our first installment of the Spork Press podcast.

"Perspective Shot" by Kelly Hellworth (just the story, higher bitrate) read by Drew Burk.

and here are some mixtapes we made a while back.

other stuff spork did


January 28, 2011: A mix we did of folk reading Emily dickinson for Tucson's Big read.



February 22, 2010: In support of and solidarity with and celebration of Powhaus Productions POP!: A Celebration of the Cultural Contribution of Andy Warhol and His Factory, at the Rialto Theater, Feb 26, 2010, Spork Press has created five little radio plays. We also asked our friend Christina to write an Andy story for each day this week. This is "Andy Hangs a Picture"


February 23, 2010: This one is "Andy Plays Solitaire"


February 24, 2010: This one is "Andy Makes a Movie"


February 25, 2010: This one is "Andy Cleans the Yard"


February 26, 2010: This one is "Andy Takes an Afternoon Nap"



July 25, 2009: We teamed up with Carl Hanni of Mod Media to throw a little pool party at Casa Libre. We set up in the library, Chris Black and Vicki Brown came in and recorded musical phrases, which we then looped and phased, then other people came in and recorded words on top of that. The podcast has four pieces all strung together, but below you can find the pieces all on their own, if you'd rather have one or the other, or just have them individually. It's summer, they're really just for listening, but not for paying close attention.

Pool Party #6

Pool Party #7

Pool Party #10

Pool Party #2