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We’ve chosen, rather than import everything from one CMS to another CMS, to instead leave the things as they were originally published—we liked the design then, and we continue to like the design now. Maybe it’s not who we are anymore, but we still like who we were. If you got here via the site search function, search on the page (CTRL+F or COMMAND+F) for them what you seek.

04/24/2011: The Eating by Allegra Hyde
04/10/2011: Kiss Of the Sphinx by I. Fontana
03/14/2011: Three Animals by Colin Winnette
03/06/2011: Snow Journal, Day 11 by Kevin O’Cuinn
02/27/2011: Specimen by Faith Gardner
02/20/2011: I Hadn’t Realized I’d Stopped One Until Anne Pointed Out The Hole In My Shirt by Michael K. Meyers
02/13/2011: Brighter and Brighter by I. Fontana
01/31/2011: Frantic City by Michelle Reale
01/16/2011: Broke by Craig Buchner
01/10/2011: Grey Outside by K.H. Cox
12/27/2010: Nine Prose Poems by Emily Kendal Frey
12/20/2010: Betsy, 193 Pounds by Jami Attenberg
12/13/2010: Unaccounted by Jac Jemc
12/05/2010: Interview With A Prepared Answer by Matthew Thompson
11/29/2010: She Named Me Enoch by Logan Farmer
11/14/2010: Rinse Repeat by Spencer Dew
11/07/2010: Into Me by Eric Bennett
10/25/2010: My Uncle Marty by Benjamin Rybeck
10/17/2010: Vigil by Amelia Gray
09/13/2010: from Pain Show by Drew Krewer
08/02/2010: We All Knew Ruby by Nancy Lee Roane
07/26/2010: Bastille Day by Meghan Lamb
07/18/2010: Moments Before the Future Begins to Approach by Chelsea Martin
07/11/2010: The Woods, by Natasha Stagg
07/05/2010: Elevator Roulette by Amy Temple Harper
06/27/2010: Easter by Greg Mulcahy
06/13/2010: Grind Grind Grind by Lesley Clayton
06/06/2010: Color Chart by Aurelie Sheehan
05/31/2010: On Thirty Five by Keith Meatto
05/24/2010: Do You Have a Place For Me by Roxane Gay
05/16/2010: Club Kid by Jessie Woods
05/10/2010: La Lonchera by Roxane Gay
05/02/2010: A New Asshole by I. Fontana
04/18/2010: White Apple by Nick Antosca
04/04/2010: Atonement Century Machinery (Frivolous Ridership) by Fortunato Salazar
03/21/2010: Atonement Century Machinery (Fech Fech) by Fortunato Salazar
03/14/2010: Atonement Century Machinery (Born Tall) by Fortunato Salazar
03/07/2010: Atonement Century Machinery (Pure Land) by Fortunato Salazar
02/28/2010: An Offer: A Pair of Stories by Meghan Lamb
02/25/2010: Your Fifteen Minutes by Christina Louise Smith
02/24/2010: Welcome To Our Ool by Christina Louise Smith
02/23/2010: Andy On Oleander, Et cetera, Etc. by Christina Louise Smith
02/22/2010: More Handy Advice from Andy Warhol by Christina Louise Smith
02/21/2010: Andy Loves You, by Christina Louise Smith
01/31/2010: UB by I. Fontana
01/25/2010: Sluffing by Zachary Cole
01/17/2010: What Shark Attack Can Teach Us About Love by Caryn Cardello
01/10/2010: The Roach Whisperer by Sharon McGill
01/03/2010: Gathered Here Together by Garrett Socol
12/27/2009: See America by I. Fontana
12/21/2009: Here by Alec Niedenthal
11/29/2009: I AM FC KÖLN by Fortunato Salazar
11/22/2009: Bateau Ivre by Joly Herman
11/16/2009: Selections from Purgatory by Donora Hillard
11/08/2009: When God Came Back I Became Alone by James DiGiovanna
11/01/2009: What the Matter Is by Innocente Fontana
10/25/2009: The Dog Went to the Country Is A Euphemism by Ethel Rohan
10/11/2009: Cyclicismus by Kevin O’Cuinn
10/04/2009: Reversal by Yvette Managan
09/21/2009: The Wedding Is Off by Steven Tagle
09/13/2009: Neko Utsuru Koretoonaji by Amy Hayek
09/07/2009: Selections from Sucker June by Sean Kilpatrick
08/16/2009: Why I Kick My Dog by Shya Scanlon
08/10/2009: Crotchcrust by James DiGiovanna
08/03/2009: Concrete Jungle, Asphalt Jumble by Steve Davenport
07/25/2009: The Next Spork: An Announcement.
06/22/2009: Glory and College by Matthew Simmons
06/15/2009: MS Access & MS Excel Training by Marc Elias Keller
06/01/2009: Gossamer by Trevor Houser
05/25/2009: Training Exercise by Jensen Whelan
05/17/2009: 4 Stories by Evelyn Hampton
05/10/2009: Ç’avait été facile… by Marianne Dissard
05/04/2009: Plants and Animals by James DiGiovanna
04/27/2009: Cube by Amelia Gray
04/19/2009: The Fish by Shya Scanlon
04/06/2009: Perspective Shot by Kelly Hellworth
03/30/2009: Laughter Incidence by Ander Monson
11/02/2006: The Taffy Maker Teaches a Class by Megan Savage
10/25/2006: Fucking Your Girlfriend Three Ways by James DiGiovanna
10/17/2006: Forty Thousand Pounds by Mike Boyle
10/11/2006: The Postman’s Mother by Megan Savage
10/04/2006: Running by Jamey Genna
09/27/2006: Kool-Aid by Matthew Peipert
08/17/2006: The Day We See the Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the Oriental Garden by Megan Savage
07/19/2006: KILL KILL KILL by Amelia Gray
07/12/2006: A Seasonal Thing by Maria Robinson
07/04/2006: Flint Ford by Buzz Poole
06/28/2006: Cool by James DiGiovanna
06/22/2006: So Much for Oprah; or, Beyond a Nostalgia for the Self by Eli S. Evans
06/14/2006: Chamber Music by Darby McDevitt
05/31/2006: CODE OF OPERATION: SNAKE FARM by Amelia Gray
05/24/2006: Flint Ford by Buzz Poole
05/17/2006: The Secret Cool by James DiGiovanna
05/10/2006: The Big Break by Darby McDevitt
05/03/2006: Car by Eli S. Evans
04/26/2006: Eve by Darby McDevitt
04/19/2006: 900 Foot Jesus Plus Death Rays by James DiGiovanna
03/29/2006: The Penitent by Darby McDevitt
03/22/2006: 703 Notebook by Scott Pierce
03/15/2006: Dividing the Estate by Darby McDevitt
03/08/2006: Proof Positivist: A Story by Chris Pusateri
03/01/2006: Portraits of Mobility by Darby McDevitt
02/15/2006: Another Adventure by Darby McDevitt
02/01/2006: She Don’t Mean Rhinestones by Elizabeth Walker