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We’ve chosen, rather than import everything from one CMS to another CMS, to instead leave the things as they were originally published—we liked the design then, and we continue to like the design now. Maybe it’s not who we are anymore, but we still like who we were. If you got here via the site search function, search on the page (CTRL+F or COMMAND+F) for them what you seek.


05/05/2011: excerpts from “Controlled Hallucinations” by John Sibley Williams
04/27/2011: Three poems by Jeff Alessandrelli
04/20/2011: Four poems by Lucas de Lima
03/23/2011: Two poems by Adam Palumbo
03/03/2011: Am I the pretty one? by Drew Burk
02/23/2011: Four poems by Feng Sun Chen
02/16/2011: Three poems by Marc Jaffee
02/02/2011: Two poems by Gary J. Shipley
01/27/2011: Five poems by Bryan Beck
01/19/2011: Four poems by Lightsey Darst
01/11/2011: Three poems by Logan Mayfield
12/22/2010: Three poems by Peter Jay Shippy
11/25/2010: “Meditations on a Skinny City” by jen westhale
11/18/2010: Eight poems by Claire Paffenhöfer and Laura Leidner
11/10/2010: Four poems by Timothy Wojcik
11/04/2010: Four poems by W. Vandoren Wheeler
10/28/2010: Three poems by Billie Hanne
10/21/2010: Four poems by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
10/13/2010: Three poems by Douglas Korb
09/29/2010: Two poems and excerpts from “Anyjar, the incredible conception” by Jaimie Gusman
09/22/2010: excerpt from “Book of Hunger” by Chris Nelson
09/16/2010: Two poems by Will Roane
09/08/2010: Two poems by Nate Pritts
09/02/2010: Three poems by Zach Buscher
08/24/2010: Three Poems by Yvette Johnson
08/03/2010: Two poems by Lynn Oscar
07/29/2010: Six Sonnets by Charles Alexander
07/21/2010: Three Poems by Silvia Jackman
07/14/2010: Three Poems by Jeremiah Ronnie Lee Brooks
07/08/2010: Three Poems by Jessie Gaynor
07/01/2010: Three Poems by Heather Palmer
06/24/2010: Three Poems by Gordon Massman
06/09/2010: Four Poems by Joseph Mains
06/02/2010: Four Poems by Erika Jo Brown
05/27/2010: Three Poems by Jamison Crabtree
05/20/2010: Three poems by Gordon Massman
05/12/2010: Two poems by Mara Vahratian
05/06/2010: Citizens of Interweb, Send Me Your Throats!